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About Civility Tours and Travel (CTT)

Civility Tours and Travel is an award winning company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We offer a wide variety of tour and travel services including airline, train and land cruise tours. CTT offers both domestic and international vacation packages including National parks and protected area, Beaches and Historic sites where you can spend time the way you want.  CTT will customize your adventure to meet your special needs. We welcome you to join one of the special company that is on your side. Our goal is to bring you the best tour and travel opportunities available, so let this be the moment you have been waiting for.
Look through our tour information, pictures and videos, and plan your next big adventure!

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Travel with CTT and experience Civility.

Civility Tours and Travel Mission

We serve our guests by providing exceptional travel and tour experience as we treat each other equally with respect, honesty and trust

Civility Tours and Travel Vision

We will, Put our guest first, Provide a different level of touring and travelling experience as we cultivate an environment of civility and respect. Work as a team and make our guests’ tour and travel experience a success.

CTT Values;

Service – CTT is here to make your adventure experience more enjoyable and pleasurable
Integrity – Our Actions align with our words
Respect – We treat all our guests with dignity and courtesy
Compassion – CTT creates a caring environment for our guests
Trust – Our words and actions in CTT matters.
Responsibility – CTT is responsible for both positive and negative experiences.

Our Promise;

CTT is here to make your travelling experience better and memorable
CTT’s services are profound and distinguishes us
We believe you are an integral part of this company
We are here to provide service to you from beginning to end
We will address your concerns

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